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Recycle, reduce, re-use.

mercredi 18 avril 2018

The rubbish we put in our general dustbin generally ends up in LANDFILL SITES, click on this link to find out more from Dr Rottalot.
Now you’ve seen the video you understand why it’s important to recycle :

  • To help protect out natural environment and our natural ressources.
  • To reduce landfill space.
  • To reduce energy AND pollution.

Dr Rottalot continues to explain how we can recycle and what happens to the recycled waste.

Our used plastic bottles, drinks’ cans, food tins, paper ,cardboard, glass bottles and jars can all be recycled and made into new things.

Our project for this spring holiday (2018) is to make something decorative but useful from recycled materials to be used in our International section classroom.

In olden times people didn’t have as much rubbish to put in their dustbins as we do today - can you think why ? Play a game to find out what has happened to our rubbish since olden times.
Complete a puzzle to learn what kinds of rubbish people had in the past.

Recycle Roundup game

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