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The Victorians

mardi 12 mai 2015, par S. Dupont.

Welcome to the Victorian Era - named after Queen Victoria who was Queen from 1837 to 1901. Let’s learn about a time when your great-great-great grandparents lived.
During Victorian times Britain conquered many countries like Canada and Australia, India and Jamaica creating the British Empire.

- The Industrial Revolution changed Britain. Many wonderful things were invented during the Victorian time. Factories were built and people moved to the cities for work, people began to travel by train and motor car. Visit this site to find what else was invented during Queen Victoria’s reign.

In 1851 Prince Albert decided to promote Britain’s success. The Great Exhibitionwas a showcase for the British Empire and its’ modern inventions.

Poor Victorian children had a very hard life - they worked in factories, in coal mines and as chimney sweeps to help their families earn enough money to live.

Some children were orphans or were abandoned and they found whatever ways they could of earning a little money to survive on the Streets. Listen to these stories of three children - Maddy, Jacko and Gyp living on the streets .

The Horrible Histories team sum up Victorian Inventions in a song.

After reading a shortened version of Oliver Twist by Charles Dickens the KS2 childrn wrote their own aricles and adverts to create a « Victorian » newspaper.

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