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World War II

dimanche 26 février 2017

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To accompany our history project this term we are reading Megan Rix’ book about two young dogs and their fight to survive during The Blitz in London : Daily life in Britain during World War II was hard. Everyone was asked to contribute to the war effort and « do their bit ». The links below describe what life was like for ordinary people during The Blitz.

ARP Wardens Air Raid Precautions officers assured the saftey of people in Britain.

They provided training on how to wear gas masks, they supervised the blackout,they ensured that people were safely under-cover in shelters during bombing and they were usually the first on the scene after an air raid. |

Animals during the war
What kind of animals go to war ? How do they help soldiers ? Do they get medals ?
How do we remember them ?

Anderson Shelters

The children made their own mini air raid shelters at school.


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