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The Hodgeheg and King Max the Last by Dick King-Smith

mardi 7 mars 2017

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Max is a hedgehog who lives with his family, they dream of going in the park on the other side of the road. Max is always trying to find a way to cross the road. But the family don’t want him to cross the road because Aunty Betty just died crossing the road to the park. She was squashed. Max tried to cross the road and almost got squashed by a lorry. He continued and got run over by a bicycle, when he woke up his words were muddled.The next day he saw a lollipop lady, with her wand she stopped all the cars and they crossed.

By Sarah CM1

It’s the second book of hedgehogs talking about Max who is caught by two men who are Mr. Dandy-Green and Duck who do a study of hedgehogs. They glue on Max a
blue light to know where Max is. Uncle B. declared Max is the king of hedgehogs because he thinks the blue light which the two men glue on him is a crown. Max wanted to marry with a girl hedgehog to have a Queen hedgehog. Max the hedgehog finds a girl hedgehog to marry who is Bianca. Max didn’t want to be “King” he wanted to be just “Max”. Max and Bianca are thinking about baby hedgehog and after that they married.

I thought this book is very good.

Anas C.E.2

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