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The Stone Age

jeudi 12 avril 2018, par S. Dupont.

Think about what you do everyday - at school and at home. Now imagine that everything you use throughout the day was made of stone... what would life be like ?
Using the links below find out more about the longest period in human history :

From the first human beginnings to the first farmers .

Could you have survived the Stone Age ?
How were tools made from stone ? Watch this film.

How do we know about Stone Age ?
Archeologists are like detectives - they dig in the dirt and uncover pots,bones and tools which tell us about how people lived in the past.
Cave paintings have been discovered too - some of the most famous cave paintings are at Lascaux in France. They tell us about Stone Age life, and the animals that existed then.Watch this video to find out who discovered these paintings and how you can make your own cave painting.

The pupils from the class of 2016 - 2017 imagined what games Stone Age children might have played. Open the zip file on the right to see.

Zip - 5.1 Mo

Clothes worn by Stone Age people were made from animal skins.The hides were pegged out and scraped clean, then washed and stretched out.They made pins and needles from slithers of bone or antler, then made holes in the animal hides and stitched them together.

One stone age character who complained about his uncomfortable trousers was Ug. The CE2 children thought about how they could make him some more comfortable trousers from what was available during the stone age. Open the zip file below to see the children’s work.

Zip - 10.2 Mo

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