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mardi 7 mars 2017, par S. Dupont.

Horrid Henry and the Secret Club by Francesca Simon

My favourite chapter was Perfect Peter’s Horrid Day.

Peter was not getting attention from his parents because Henry was being horrid and his dad and mum were punishing Henry and Peter wanted revenge.

Felix CM2

Horrid Henry’s Stinkbomb

It is about a little boy called Henry and he is a silly boy. Horrid Henry is in this school and he has a teacher called Miss Battle Axe.
Miss Battle Axe tells all the children about a reading competition. The person who reads the most books in two weeks will win a prize, it is a theme park.

Henry’s want the prize so he cheats to win the prize. He doesn’t read lots of books. So he invents lots of stories and he writes book reviews. He pretends that he has really read the books. Miss Battle Axe is very surprised to see that Henry has read the most books. He wins the first prize. But then he discovers that the theme park is called book world. There are no roller coasters just books.

I like the book.

Hannah CE2

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