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The Wimpy Kid Books by Jeff Kinney

mardi 28 février 2017, par S. Dupont.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid Hard Luck

Gregory’s best friend Rowley doesn’t want him anymore because he thinks that he’s jealous about
his girlfriend. At Easter one of his aunts comes with her crazy kids. And back to school Greg tries
to get a new friend ; but it doesn’t work.

by Philippe CM2

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - Double Down

Greg manages to win the helium balloon releasing event but mum wants Greg to be friend with another boy but there the opposite, plus the pig has eaten Greg’s candy jar and is all green and Greg has to bring him to the vet.

Greg really wants to go to a Halloween party but he needs to play an instrument to be invited, so he chooses the French horn but he learns at the last moment that he has to be in the woodwind section, luckily Rowley is in the woodwind section and Greg makes a two headed monster so he can go to the party anyway.

No one came trick or treating because of the wild geese in the street and Greg finds the gummy worms and decides to make a horror film with them so he scatters them is the garden but the geese arrive and eat them all and Rowley, scared climbs in a tree and is stuck, the fire men come to rescue him and a TV show films everything and Rowley is famous.

Greg’s life really is miserable...

Samuel CM2

Diary of a Wimpy Kid - The Ugly Truth

At the beginning Greg the wimpy kid told us that he lost his best friend and he wants to find a new one, his old best friend was called Rowley he was looking for a friend too but his parents paid a teenager called COOL BRIAN to play with Rowley. Luckily at the end they became friends again.

Another thing happened to Greg his School Nurse and his teacher gave to all the class an egg for 24 hours and the next day they had to give it back with out a scratch, to learn how hard it is to be parents.
He put a lot of toilet paper in his bag to protect the egg, when he arrived home he put his egg in the fridge so it’s safe, but the next morning he went to the fridge to find the egg but he couldn’t find it ! Then he asked his mum if she didn’t see someone take it but SHE took it for breakfast. At school all the girls still had theirs and they decorated the eggs with glitter and sparkles.

Lisa CM2

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