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Pony Pals - Too Many Ponies by Jeanne Betancourt

mardi 7 mars 2017, par S. Dupont.

Pam lives in an equestrian centre, the dad of Pam is a vet and her mum works
in the equestrian centre. Her mum has a job, she trains two new ponies and she asks Pam to help her. Pam has a new job and Pam loves to train ponies. She has two best friends Anna and Lulu. Anna and Lulu ask Pam to a horse ride with the horses because Pam has a horse. The name of the horse is Lightning and she is a female. Anna and Lulu have horses too, the name of the horse of Anna is Acorn and the name of the horse of Lulu is Snow White. Pam has a dog the name of the dog is Woolie.

In the end Pam finished her job and her mum is happy, and she can train her pony like she wants with her friends Anna and Lulu.

I like the book because I like animals

by Anaëlle CE2

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  • Le 28 mars 2017 à 16:03, par Pierre Tsuji

    Thank you for this nice review !

    Your dad

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