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The World Around Us

Dernier ajout : 25 avril.

  • The Four Seasons, the Weather and the Months of the Year

    25 avril, par S. Dupont

    Do you know what the four seasons are ?
    Can you order the seasons ?
    The Weather
    Gerald doesn’t know how to dress for the weather.
    The ice skater’s clothes need some colour.
    The Months of the Year
    Sing-along to The Months of the (...)

  • Me on the Map

    10 avril, par S. Dupont

    Youngsters often have difficulty understanding where they are situated in the world. With our crafty mapping projects I think our KS1 class have got it ! :-)

  • Let’s Explore London

    5 avril, par S. Dupont

    Click on the picture above to take a family visit to London to see the sights.
    What do you know about London transport ? Click on the pictures.
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cxZ... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FdJ... (...)

  • At the Seaside

    4 février, par S. Dupont

    Everone enjoys a day at the seaside on a bright sunny day.
    What do you like to do best ? Listen to and watch these short stories of different characters spending a day on the coast.
    A Day at the Beach Paddington Bear’s Seaside Adventure Teddy Edward by the Sea
    In the old days not everyone (...)

  • Living and non-living things

    5 octobre 2017, par S. Dupont

    Something which is living :
    grows and develops
    and reproduces.
    Something which can do none of these things is non-living.
    Test your knowledge with this online game.

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