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Dernier ajout : 26 février 2017.

  • Recycle, reduce, re-use.

    18 avril

    [The rubbish we put in our general dustbin generally ends up in LANDFILL SITES, click on this link to find out more from Dr Rottalot.
    >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cMho0GBBejg] Now you’ve seen the video you understand why it’s important to recycle :
    To help protect out natural environment (...)

  • Can you tell the time ?

    26 février 2017, par S. Dupont

    Practise here with this fun, fast game.
    Play Stop the Clock

  • Out and about in the nature.

    19 janvier 2016

    Reading Michael Morpurgo’s collection of short stories which includes Colly’s Barn and Conker we learn about different aspects of nature. Colly’s Barn is about the plans to knock down an old farm building which is the home to different wildlife including the barn owl. You can learn about this (...)

  • Around the world

    10 novembre 2015

    Test your knowledge of countries and their capitals. Complete the sentence to find more capital cities. Do you recognise the flags ?

  • On the road to Africa....

    29 avril 2015, par S. Dupont

    This fantastic book by Alastair Humphreys tells the tale of a young boy who sets off to pedal across Europe and Africa.As we follow Tom on his adventures we get to learn about lots of amazing places.
    Aged 24 Alastair Humphreys, an aventurer, really did pedal across the world. You can read (...)

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