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Dernier ajout : 12 avril.

  • The Stone Age

    12 avril, par S. Dupont

    Think about what you do everyday - at school and at home. Now imagine that everything you use throughout the day was made of stone... what would life be like ? Using the links below find out more about the longest period in human history :
    [From the first human beginnings to the first farmers . (...)

  • img_0511 1066 and William the Conqueror

    7 mars 2017

    It’s January 1066 and the Saxon King, Edward the Confessor has died. Having no sons, there is no direct heir to the throne. But, four men claim their right to be the next King of England : Edgar a young boy of 14, Harald the Viking of Norway, William Duke of Normandy and Harold Godwinson, (...)

  • The Anglo-Saxons

    7 mars 2017

    Where did the Anglo Saxons come from ? Why did they invade Britain ?
    What was an Anglo Saxon village like ? - A village recreated in West Stow in England
    [Discover what daily life was like for Anglo Saxons, their kings and kingdoms throughout « Angles Land ». (...)

  • The Tudors

    28 février 2017, par S. Dupont

    Henry VIII was King of England from 1509 - 1547. He was extremely clever, a real sportsman and a musician - the ladies loved him !
    Play a game to find out how Henry spent his time.
    Watch a video to see how the King dressed.
    Here you can see an actor preparing to play the part of Henry (...)

  • anderson_shelters_ks2 World War II

    26 février 2017

    To accompany our history project this term we are reading Megan Rix’ book about two young dogs and their fight to survive during The Blitz in London : Daily life in Britain during World War II was hard. Everyone was asked to contribute to the war effort and « do their bit ». The links below describe (...)

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