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The Anglo-Saxons

mardi 7 mars 2017

Where did the Anglo Saxons come from ? Why did they invade Britain ?

What was an Anglo Saxon village like ? - A village recreated in West Stow in England

Discover what daily life was like for Anglo Saxons, their kings and kingdoms throughout « Angles Land ».

The Anglo-Saxons divided Briton into 7 kingdoms. The Britons were pushed out to the south west and to the north of Briton.

One of the great archaelogical discoveries in Britain was the burial mound of Sutton Hoo - an Anglo-Saxon king of East Anglia. Click on the links below to find how and when this discovery was made :
Ghostly apparitions around the burial mound.]
Weapons, jewels and helmets found in the burial mound.
Carry out your own archaeological dig to uncover treasures.

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