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On the road to Africa....

mercredi 29 avril 2015, par S. Dupont.

This fantastic book by Alastair Humphreys tells the tale of a young boy who sets off to pedal across Europe and Africa.As we follow Tom on his adventures we get to learn about lots of amazing places.

Aged 24 Alastair Humphreys, an aventurer, really did pedal across the world. You can read about his adventures and see the route he took on his website.}

Test your knowledge of the continents and countries visited by Tom with these map puzzles :

Europe Puzzle

Match the European flag to its’ country.

Africa Puzzle

African Snacks
Throughout his journey Tom gets to taste some wierd and wonderful treats, others he just hears about and would rather not sample ...

How to make Injera

Mice kebabs in Malawi

Fly Burgers in Malawi

Munching on sugar cane

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