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The Twits by Roald Dahl

jeudi 7 novembre 2013

Mr Twit is a hairy man with a long beard, and he is a very ugly person. And I think he is cruel with his wife, because he likes playing tricks on her. What is gross with him is that he is a dirty eater, and he has bad manners. And he is very nasty with his wife.

Mrs Twit isn’t better than Mr Twit. She is fat, mean and smelly. I think she is ugly, but this isn’t her fault, it is because she has nasty, terrible, bad thoughts. What is worse about her is that she doesn’t like children or dogs ! This is not a nice couple !


Mr Twit is a very hairy man with a long beard with a lot of bits of food stuck on it. He thinks it makes him look wise. He likes to play mean, cruel, nasty tricks on his wife and to insult her. I wonder why, if they hate each other so much, they are married.
Mrs Twit was, before, quite a pretty woman. But she has so many nasty, evil thoughts that she became ugly. Now she looks like a witch. She has a glass eye which always looks the other way, she plays a lot of tricks with it. She is as horrible as her husband. Maybe that’s why they are married.



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