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At the Seaside

dimanche 4 février 2018, par S. Dupont.

Everone enjoys a day at the seaside on a bright sunny day.

What do you like to do best ? Listen to and watch these short stories of different characters spending a day on the coast.

A Day at the Beach
Paddington Bear’s Seaside Adventure
Teddy Edward by the Sea

In the old days not everyone could enjoy a long holiday by the sea, lucky people might spend just one day a year by the sea.

They would change their clothes in a bathing machine to put on long swimming costumes and then a horse would pull their bathing machine into the water before they went down the steps and punged into the sea.

Not many people knew how to swim, but one brave lady - Mary Wheatfield - The Bathing Lady of Bognor taught people how to swim, she dove from Bognor pier, did handstands in the water and saved more than 30 people from drowning.

Today coastguards and lifeboats help us to stay safe at the seaside.

A long time ago Grace Darling who lived with her father in a lighthouse became very famous for saving people from a shipwreck during storm.

You can also read about her bravery.

Pollution - plastic bags, cans and litter left at the beach or blown into the sea can be dangerous for ocean wildlife.

The children in Keystage 1 - December 2017 made this poster to make us more aware of how dangerous litter can be for birds and fish in the sea.

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